18 points to be considered while making your business website

Website - What you look before start

In today’s technology era, your business must be online, be it small or big in nature, be it local or global. Website is like your virtual showcase for your products or services. We are discussing here three major stages of the website building process ie. Pre, post, and inter development.

Before that, we have to know what are the types of websites available and which type is suitable for our business

  1. Landing Page Website –

These are the single scrolling or parallax websites, temporary design for a particular project for a short period of time.

  1. Static Website –

Many people are still confused between the static and dynamic types of websites. These websites were available in the early period now today’s era many have dynamic websites. Static websites are easier to develop and the cost is also less as compared to dynamic websites. Majorly these are in HTML formats.

  1. Dynamic Websites –

There is a website with a lot of backend processes. These are the websites mainly developed in PHP, ASP & many more. These websites contain information & content changes according to viewers, time, time zone as well as native languages.

  1. E-Commerce Websites –

If you have a shop or multiple products & your motto is to generate business by selling the products online then these websites are useful for you.

  1. Portals –

These are the websites on which we collect the information from one user & sell this information to other users.

  1. Blog-

These are the new trend of websites where we are creating updated content & spreading information about products or services & generating leads.

We can use the combination of the above styles also depending upon your need.

After knowing the type of websites we have to think about the following points.



Why did we create the website?

We have to think and confirm the aim of the website ie. Either for lead generation, product selling, or for branding purposes (establishing Credential). What do you want from your website? Keep it simple & choose from these three purposes that will give you satisfactory results.

  1. Plan the structure of the website

While planning the website we have to know the customer’s wants, searching habits, demography & time zone, can my site solve the all queries of customers? Then plan the user-friendly layout, think about what should be on the home page, how the navigation bar helps the viewer to get proper links or information. This is called as UI and UX of your website.

  1. Competitor Research

Before making the website check the competitor’s websites, find out what they do good that gives them good results. Think about how we can do more better things that will give us an advantage over the competition.

  1. Domain & Hosting

The most important and crucial point is selecting domain name & hosting. Your domain name must contain the type of your business or service which will help you in ranking the website. Even domain extension is also important like you want to rank your business only in a particular country then use the extension of that country only. Like , .in for India, .uk for England etc. Even as per services also you can select the domain extension like .edu for institutes, .gov for government, etc.

Even for hosting also search for which hosting provider will give what facilities, how its security, is our data is safe, where are their servers & which server we can select for our website.

  1. Images

After domain & hosting the major work is content writing & Images. While creating images be original as possible or do the photography by professionals. There are a lot of sites that provide you paid & free stock images or ask for graphic design services. The image quality must be good but the size in kb will give you better results in website loading time. Use proper “image Alt tags” for your images.

  1. Content

The most important factor in website design is the content as good content will keep engaging the viewers on your website for a longer period of time. Which is good for ranking your website on the search result page. Your content must be unique & 100% pure, don’t ever use duplicate content. Even the size of the content is also appropriate with proper keyword planning & formatting.

If you are not able to create this type of content then hire professionals for content writing services to be it is for a blog or for a website or for any other purpose. This requires a lot of brainstorming.

  1. Brand Prospect

Some companies are known only by their websites as a brand, this is the only representation of your products or services to your customers in a proper manner.  Your logo, your website elements, colors, and many things are unique & show the brand values. Even your fonts must represent the brand personality. Nowadays many businesses are struggling for making their business a brand and trying to reach or remain at the top in their respective niche.


  1. Colors & Designs

Colors play a vital role in website design. But I suggest that keep it simple and clean website as it will help in SEO. Each color have their meaning, you have to know the color theories for the same. Best design flow gives you an eye-catchy experience while you are going through the website.

  1. Screen Responsiveness

Since 2015, your website must be properly fit any screen resolution. Even the readability and image size also properly fit the screen resolution. For that purpose, you can use bootstrap-type open-ended front-end toolkits. Today’s era is of mobiles so be serious about this aspect.

  1. Backend Services

While considering this point of the website, we consider your website is your favorite food dish. When it looks beautiful ie. Called a front end but the experience of the same is not proper then there is no value for the look, like that your website functionality and formatting must be proper. For e-commerce websites, you can use Magento, or you can use CMS platforms also depending on your requirement.

  1. Call to Action

Call to action are buttons, links, or offer pop-ups that create the temptation of customers to avail of your services or buy your products. On the website at particular intervals & particular positions, the right call to action will boost your business tremendously. The call to action and landing pages must be relevant and the visibility of your call to action are vital elements in your website.

  1. Website Loading Time

Using proper size images, less java scripting & clean website design are some of the keys to getting your website to upload faster on search engines. For more details do the Onpage SEO while preparing the website to reduce the time & save money.

  1. Blog

As per the new algorithm, the content must be updated on the website after a particular time interval for better ranking. This problem is solved by adding blogs to your website. Blogs will give always new stuff for your readers this will help in connecting with old customers and create new customers also.

  1. SEO & Social Media

As earlier stated you can plan Onpage SEO while preparing the website plan this will reduce time & money. Nowadays competition has become so intense & if you want to be at the top you have to do Onpage, Offpage, Local & Mobile SEO. Social Media icons or links will also help you generate new customers.

  1. Website Security

While getting SSL certification & encrypting the code we can secure our website. Not only this in some time interval we have to check our website security in the webmaster/search console tool. You must check the hosting & server providers will get the hosting services for your website.

  1. Customer Testimonials

Not only customer testimonials but also certificates & awards give you higher authenticity & authority in your niche. If your website has video testimonials from your clients or higher authority in your niche this will more beneficial than image or text testimonials. But you have new in the market take time and then add the testimonials to your website.

  1. Tracking

Tracking like google analytics, search console will give you the date to check the customers as well as protect the website from viruses. This data will help you further for more accurate positioning of your content in demography, Age, devices & many more. This tracking helps you to understand how your customers act with your content, what will trigger where your customers to avail of your services, how search engines or servers act with your website.

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays important role in various fields now. This is true for website development also. We can use the chatbot-like facilities for more connection with customers.

Take Away

Big thinks are always built on strong and researched foundations. Take your time in planning, as sharpening ax will reduce the time of result generation. It may be a week or month, but do the planning as per the given guidelines. I am sure this will help you in the future. Many websites available today are not properly planned and this is the time to get a higher position in the competition.


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